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You Are the Sum Total of all Your Experiences! GO! SEE! GROW!

Welcome to Your Tour Guy's Travel Blog!

Group or Individual Travel is no longer a modern luxury, but more than ever, travel can promote many important perspectives that help drive our personal growth. We grow through increasing our understanding of the ever-shrinking world around us. Travel provides the opportunity to see and touch history and other cultures in a living, personal way. Group travel for students and musical groups especially provide participants additional experience in managing group dynamics, teambuilding, social development, promoting personal discipline, responsibility, and the development of leadership skills.

I have lived it, and seen the growth and success associated with group travel. I am hoping to document many future experiences though this outreach site, sharing stories about the places we go, the things we see, and the people we meet. I hope the blog will grow to become a clearinghouse of information for trip members while traveling. Members will be able to access daily information, schedules, and calendars. Equally important, I want this site to be fun for everyone who visits! So many crazy things happen on every tour that we need to find a place where everyone will be able to share their important moments!

Please be patient with me as the site grows in content and interesting postings and happenings!

The next postings will be coming from Washington DC and Nashville where I will be spending time increasing my Tour Directing knowledge, leadership and travel skills! There is always so much to learn! I hope you will check in as I continue to travel along this transformational Journey.

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment. You can also check out my companion face book site at Your Tour Guy or simply click the link.

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