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Washington DC Tour Director Training

Over the next few weeks, I'll be spending several days training to develop my skills as a tour guide/director in DC and the greater area. Also, While on the go, I'll be working to develop this site and the blogging skills I'll need to use going forward. My hope is to post a little something of interest each day as time allows! I'll be in and out of DC as part of Trip School, training, A Scholastica DC familiarization training, and a 5 day workout with the GPTG of DC in between sessions, I'm going to be spending several days in Nashville as well. I'll be exploring and deep diving the history, culture and attractions in the area. This picture actually a shot of Andrew Jackson's Hermitage Mansion and Estate a few miles east of Nashville. It's powerful experience with many stories to tell to those who would listen!

Please feel free to follow and share in my journey. I don't know exactly where this path will lead but this journey only just begun with the first step!

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