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For the Love of Travel, Adventure and Learning


Guy Kammerer is an energetically retired high school band director with 34 years of group performance travel.
With extensive experience in both domestic and international travel, his many groups were exposed to extraordinary life changing experiences. Over the years he has led thousands of young people and adults to unique destinations such as China, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Australia and Hawaii. Domestic travel adventures have taken groups to Washington DC, St Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Minnesota, and several trips
to the Orlando area. Group travel creates the personal stories within the stories forging the memories, bonds, and relationships that outlast the trip itself. Highlights of some of these powerful travel experiences are available to explore below!

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China Immersion

Taking a group of 165 young musicians and adults to China was a humbling, life changing experience for all.

Our groups performed concerts throughout Beijing and Tiajin, for thousands of appreciative Chinese attendees. We shared our talents and love for music by visiting Chinese community schools and spending the day in classrooms, sharing friendly games, activities, and concerts. 

Our concert band, orchestra, and jazz ensembles performed an afternoon concert on the Great Wall of China and attracted crowds of hundreds of eager listeners. Our travelers experienced Modern Chinese culture and visited many heritage sites from the earliest Chinese dynasties.   

Hawaiian Cultural Experience

Music Performance Travel to Hawaii was a cultural and historical wonder.

Performing at Pearl Harbor, visiting the Arizona Memorial, the museum, and the famous base brought history alive for the group of musicians and adults. We brought home 2 flags that were flown over the memorial and upon our return, presented them to our local VFW and American Legion at a special concert presentation in honor of our veterans.  Visiting Hawaii is an amazing experience, with phone service, currency, no passport requirements, and laws being essentially the same as home.  However, when immersed in the culture of traditional Hawaii, one soon discovers how passionate and committed the Hawaiian people are to their traditions and history.

Puerto Rican Outreach